Developing Skills for Workplace Professionals

Teamwork. Productivity. Communication. Professionalism. These are the human drivers of business success and longevity. How does your organization add up?

Improving Workplace Interactions

At SkillSource, we help our clients’ employees successfully navigate interpersonal dynamics, which are the heart of workplace relationships.  Through research-based, highly acclaimed personality assessments, learning profiles and training resources, we help individuals master the people equation so it adds up to success, profitability and personal satisfaction. We work behind the scenes with our corporate clients’ human resources professionals and training practitioners to help them build organizations into professional, productive and satisfying places to work.

Helping Grow Your Workforce Talent

Our work connects us to professionals tasked with the development of their workforce: leaders, human resource managers, corporate trainers and learning development practitioners. SkillSource specializes in the “development” slice of the Talent Management pie, by providing workforce consulting on training needs analysis, training implementation and organizational development.

Professional Development Resources for Your Training and Coaching Needs

SkillSource is an award-winning independent business that is authorized to sell educational materials that are researched and produced by the venerable publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc. We partner with our clients to help them integrate these tools (including the flagship DiSC® behavioral assessment and the newly released Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team) into their existing communications and leadership training programs.

“Everything DiSC” and “The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team” are trademarks of John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and are used with permission.