DiSC® Client Certification

Inscape Publishing pioneered the original DiSC® instrument over three decades ago. The DiSC model has been used to help over 40 million individuals discover their unique style. Organizations world-wide have embraced the language of DiSC to pave the way to improved communication, stronger teamwork and personal insight. For clients who want a comprehensive understanding of the DiSC conceptual model and the many products associated with it, a Client Certification Program is available. Clients have their choice of certification in either the Everything DiSC® Application Library resources, or the DiSC® Classic tools. A SkillSource consultant will be assigned as a mentor to clients wishing to enroll in this program. Not able to travel? SkillSource provides on-site DiSC® Train-the-Trainer programs customized to meet your organization’s needs. Contact SkillSource to learn more.

SkillSource is an independent, authorized distributor of Inscape Publishing products. “DiSC” is a registered trademark of Inscape Publishing, Inc. and is used with permission.