Organizational Consulting to Maximize Workplace Talent

When you work with a SkillSource consultant, you get a second pair of eyes that see your workforce issues clearly — free of internal politics and time pressures. We’re here to help you assess the “people” side of your organization so that your business initiatives will produce the results your organization needs.

Training Needs Analysis

Workforce training requires a significant investment of your organization’s time and money. As a stand-alone project, or in conjunction with training programs offered by SkillSource, we offer training needs analysis designed to ensure that your resources are used with optimal results.

Organizational Development Consulting

According to research studies, the failure rate of large organizational change initiatives is nearly 80%. This is not a cost your organization can bear. SkillSource will work with your organization’s key executives to determine how the factor the “people side” into the equation to increase the probability of your change initiative’s success.

New Leader Transition Planning

In today’s fast-paced work environment a new leader moving into a new company or a department has to hit the ground running. The New Leader Transition Process™ is a structured process that shortens the time need to establish effective working relationships between a new leader and his or her team members. For nearly 20 years, SkillSource has used this process with hundreds of leaders, enabling them to quickly gather data from their team on the most pressing issues needing the leader’s attention, allowing for improved team morale and heightened productivity.

Table-Side Coaching for Implementing Training Programs

SkillSource consultants work “behind the scenes” with your organization’s Human Resources and Training departments to mentor them, and provide practical, just-in-time suggestions for implementing internal training programs, including the Inscape assessments or idXready products. Many of these services are part of our value-added package and are offered free of charge to our clients. From brain-storming ideas for on-boarding new employees, to adding a unique hands-on exercise to jazz up a “tired” training program, our goal is to help our partners shine with fresh ideas and a new perspective.

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