Developing Skills for Workplace Professionals

Self-Assessments for Professional Development and Training Workshops

SkillSource offers tools designed to help workplace professionals discover and capitalize on their contribution to the team.

Self-Assessments for Professional Development and Training Workshops Self-Assessments for Professional Development and Training Workshops

Organizational Consulting to Maximize Workplace Talent

Highly productive organizations are those with an engaged workforce. SkillSource consulting services help leaders create a positive workplace environment that encourages results.

Organizational Consulting to Maximize Workplace Talent Organizational Consulting to Maximize Workplace Talent

DiSC® Classic Personality Profile

Vibrant workplaces have people with diverse perspectives. SkillSource offers workshops and assessments, such as the DiSC® profile, to help people build interpersonal bridges for communication effectiveness.

DiSC® Classic Personality Profile DiSC® Classic Personality Profile

Professional Development Workshops

SkillSource delivers professional development workshops in leadership, communications and teamwork to ensure that your workforce meets the interpersonal demands of today’s workplace.

Professional Development Workshops Professional Development Workshops

Teamwork. Productivity. Communication. Professionalism. These are the human drivers of business success and longevity. How does your organization add up?

Improving Workplace Interactions

At SkillSource, we have two sweet spots: interpersonal dynamics in the workplace, and training and development. We combine these two areas of expertise to help our clients improve interpersonal interactions, which are at the heart of workplace relationships.

We help leaders master the people equation so it adds up to success, profitability and personal satisfaction. We help build organizations into professional, productive and satisfying places to work.

Helping Grow Your Workforce Talent

Our work connects us to professionals tasked with the development of their workforce: leaders, human resource managers, corporate trainers and learning development practitioners. SkillSource specializes in the “development” slice of the Talent Management pie, providing:

  • Workforce consulting on training needs analysis, training implementation and organizational development
  • Ready-to-go interpersonal workshops, delivered by SkillSource trainers or your company’s internal training staff
  • Customized professional development workshops

Professional Development Resources for Your Training and Coaching Needs

SkillSource is an award-winning independent distributor of learning profiles, personality assessments and training resources that are researched and produced by Inscape Publishing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We partner with our clients to help them integrate the Inscape tools (including the flagship DiSC® behavioral assessment) into their existing communications and leadership training programs. Or, workshops can be delivered via one of SkillSource’s professional trainers.

“DiSC” is a registered trademark of Inscape Publishing, Inc. and is used with permission.