Custom Interpersonal Skills Workshops

Influential Leaders Lab™

The Influential Leaders Lab approach combines brief training sessions, small group coaching, and one-on-one personalized coaching sessions each month to help mid-level leaders become more strategic, more confident and more prepared to reach their goals. Influential Leaders Lab learning groups meet monthly on from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Topics include:

  • The Role of Influence in Leadership: Gain clarity for what you want out of the leadership experience.
  • Influencing with Integrity: Exercise power and influence in the workplace in a character-based way.
  • Networking: Build your career by increasing your visibility inside and outside your company.
  • Listening: Identify your “gaps” in listening behaviors to make better use of this powerful communication skill.
  • Open Leadership: Use the concepts of social technology to build engaged work teams (even if you use zero social media tools).
  • Learning to Say “No”: Create powerful boundaries to help you prioritize and get the “right” things done.

Positive Office Politics

Most people see “politics” in the office as something unsavory. True, that aspect exists, but there’s a positive side as well. Research has identified four competencies of “playing politics” that actually foster productive relationships and positive outcomes. This workshop explores those key skills: social astuteness, interpersonal influence, networking ability and apparent sincerity. The concepts are paired with a stimulating discussion of ethical office dilemmas, framed in a hands-on game format. Working in small teams, attendees use their business savvy to create a response to an assigned dilemma. Learn how others have overcome the drama and challenge of people who don’t “play nice” at the office.

Effective Listening for Leaders Webinar Series

Successful organizations know that effective communication bolsters employee morale, boosts performance, and increases the bottom line. They also know that the strongest influence on the quality and outcome of all communications is the ability to listen well. Only by listening effectively can people respond appropriately. Communication research shows that people listen with a preferred approach. Leaders who understand their preferred approach to listening will be more attuned to the specific communication situation, thereby increasing their listening effectiveness. The Effective Listening for Leaders webinar is a three-part process that blends overall communication concepts with a personalized feedback report to help participants indentify listening strengths and potential gaps in communication effectiveness.