Ready-to-Go Training Modules: idXReady

idXreadyidXready™ programs are pre-designed, “ready to go” classroom-based learning modules. By incorporating validated, research-based assessments directly into participant workbooks, idXready programs allow you to deliver training at an individual level, making your development efforts consistent, engaging and relevant.

Prep time is reduced. Speed of learning acquisition is increased. Learner satisfaction improves. Suddenly, people skills training becomes a vital part of your organization’s learning strategy.

These modules can be facilitated by one of SkillSource’s professional learning facilitators or by a member of your own in-house staff.

Learn more: idXready Program Overview.

Capitalizing on Team Talents
Collaborative Skills for Teams
Conflict Management: A DiSC-Based Approach
DiSC-Powered Selling
Frontline Management: Leveraging the Strengths of Your Style
Improving Your Listening Skills

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