Testing yourself against a benchmark personality profile could be a beneficial therapeutic tool. There are many reasons that personality tests are recommended for use, depending on the purpose for assessment. For instance, it is common to be judging someone’s personality by how they handle a situation. Questions typically surround this topic, as there is almost always a different perspective about it. People’s differing philosophies can be found in personality tests, and an expert will extract what is important from the results and use it to help guide your therapeutic process. When personality tests are conducted, there is the potential to accurately pinpoint specific psychological functions. The tests have also been used in court cases, where the results of a personality test are used to determine the mental capacity of a person. In some cases, a personality test may even be used to sentence a person to life in prison, should they be deemed unusually violent or valuable to society. When it comes to self-assessment, it is common to rely on one’s past experiences and knowledge to set ones emotional tone. extricating oneself from previous wrongdoings can help establish one’s true nature. Assuming one is capable of recognizing their own specifically set patterns of behaviour that result in wrongdoings is relatively simple. All it takes is one slip up or one blotch on one’s reputation. When it comes to assessments of personality, it is important to consider many variables. A rigid Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition, criteria is also useful.